The Ultimate Guide To Picking Your Wedding Flowers Bouquet

Do you ever read those blogs that start with, “it’s every little girl’s dream to…?” Well, whether or not you have always dreamed of your wedding day or not, you’re reading this now because you’re preparing for your big day and you need to know how to pick the best bridal flowers for you. There is so much information out there that we’ve decided to keep it simple and answer the questions that we get asked most often.

How Far In Advance Should You Plan Your Bridal Flowers?

Once you have a venue booked you should start looking for a florist, ideally nine to twelve months before your wedding day. If you leave it too late, your preferred florist could be booked up and it’s important to partner with someone whose work you admire and can envision making your bridal bouquet

When you meet with your florist they will need to know the numbers in both your bridal party and grooms party, taking all other floral needs into consideration i.e. button holes, flower girls, bridesmaids, ceremony and venue.

What is the Average Cost of Wedding Flowers?

This question really does depend on your flower of choice, if it is in season, and the amount of flowers you wish to include on the day. The average cost of flowers we at Mrs Blooms create is €550 however we also cater to wedding flowers on a budget and the higher end of bridal bouquet prices. It is important to note that flower prices increase around times such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Christmas due to huge demand.

Are There Many Consultations On The Lead Up To The Wedding?

You will have an initial consultation where the florist gets familiar with your vision and creates a bespoke quote or package based on your dreams for the day. A quote is then issued and agreed over the phone and via email, and can be discussed until you are happy to go ahead. Once you have agreed on the wedding flower package there should not be any need for further consultation until four weeks before your wedding when numbers and colours will be finalised. Of course, if you need anything in the meantime your florist will be on hand to advise.

What If I Don’t Know What Wedding Flowers I want?

If you can’t think of what flowers you would like or perhaps have too many ideas, your florist will be there to guide you through the options and make the best choices for your big day. Every bride wishes for something truly bespoke on their wedding day, however, the style you wish to go for can be categorised into seven style options which we will reveal in our next blog! 

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Another great tip for picking your dream flowers and seeing how they might pair with different colours and textures is the ever faithful, Pinterest. You can also research local florists in your area and see what peaks your interest. Combining these two methods, will give you better insight not only into what bridal flowers you want, it will also give you some great style and decor ideas along the way.

What is the biggest misconception when it comes to Wedding Flowers? 

When we meet with wedding couples, it is often forgotten that not all the types of flowers for your wedding are available twelve months of the year. Beautiful flowers such as peonies and dahlias, for example, are only available in particular seasons. If you have your heart set on a flower that is not in season for your wedding day, speak with your florist and they will advise on alternatives.

What Next?

When all is said and done, you are getting married to the love of your life, and that is what matters most on this beautiful day. Having the flowers of your dreams? The icing on top of what we hope, will also be your dream cake. Mrs Blooms offers many special occasion flowers but there is always a special place in our hearts for wedding arrangements so pop in and enquire with us, your one stop wedding florist in Limerick.

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